Friday, January 1, 2010

The Purpose

My Shadow in Time......

I find that my days tend to blur together and at the end of a year I can only really remember the big moments and the little ones tend to get lost somewhere.  It's those little moments that combine to form who we are and what we leave behind.  I often forget to appreciate each day that I have and I forget to reflect on the beauty of life's simplest moments.  Those moments are why I am starting this blog.

This year I will be taking at least one picture a day to represent whatever did or did not happen.   It will be a photographic project 365. I don't have a theme planned and hopefully the lack of a theme will not be my demise.  I just want to simply have a reflection of what each day meant even if it is random or rather insignificant.  Hopefully some pictures will be breathtaking and awe inspiring but I imagine most will be ordinary and some even mundane but that's life.  It's not always beautiful and exciting and sometimes it lacks thrill.  I ask ahead of time that if you follow my blog you forgive me those days of mundane distaste and hold out for those few days that have that certain spark.

Now if I am going to make this thing happen I need to get off the couch and take some pictures.  I know, I know....the couch is a horrible place to start the new year but frankly the weather sucks.

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