Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Forty-Seven

Returning to Normal...

School is back in session and life is pushing forward, snow or not.  I will admit it was nice to get back to massage class even though my brain felt foggy throughout the whole thing.  Parking at the school is a serious joke, not that the school didn't do their best, but there is just so much snow still.  The school has to be down a good third of their parking spots which can cause havoc when there are more students than spaces.  I had to park almost clear across campus today.  I didn't mind the walk but it was windy and the pavement was icy.

Tomorrow I am going up to my Grandmothers to go to the grocery store for her.  The roads in her county are really bad still so I'd feel better if she didn't venture out just yet.  Just today as I was leaving her house a neighbor got stuck trying to come down their street.  Every time I drive down it I do so with my fingers crossed.  People are trying to return back to their normal routines and have all but forgot that they still need to use caution in the elements.  It is still icy, visibility is blocked by enormous mounds of snow, lanes are narrow and in places non-existent because of un-plowed snow.  Let's face it, we are in Maryland.  Yes, it starts with an M but we are no Minnesota.  We have no clue what to do with this kind of snow fall. 

So you can see what it looks like here is a shot of the backyard as the sun was beginning to set this evening.

The sad part is that a ton of it has melted and become more packed down but it's still everywhere.  Maybe after this winter I will finally splurge and get some proper snow gear.  I do not own snow boots or any form of snow pants.  I hate to spend money and we will probably not see another winter like this for a very long time but it would still be a worthwhile investment since I now have a child would will for sure be ready for some sledding next winter.  Ugh, but I still hate to spend money. 

Well, this Momma needs to get herself to bed.  Goodnight everyone!  Till tomorrow!!!!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I loved the way the sun was making the sky look. I'll have to try again maybe tonight to catch it when it lights the trees up red.