Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day Forty-Two

Fresh Air...

So first the picture...

In case you can't see the blockbuster label on the DVD's I'll just tell you.  We got out!!! This is the part where you jump up and down with excitement and glee.  Ok well maybe you won't but Ava and I did.  Ava quickly got her jacket on and waited rather impatiently at the door.  It was so cute.  We only went to blockbuster and giant but it was glorious.  Aaron drove but he was out on Wednesday and he wasn't in the same state of crazy.  Ava was excited to see people.  Ava loves people and is quite the social butterfly so she needed her fix of smiling, waving, and blowing kisses to everyone. Me, I just needed out, so my treat was of course our weekly blockbuster trip (yup, we have a movie addiction) and I needed the ingredients to make the red velvet cake for Valentines day.  Which reminds me that I still don't have a card.  Looks like I'll be taking another trip out before then.  Well I'm off to watch another movie.  Night everyone!!!


  1. I loved Couples Retreat but I am patiently waiting to see the Travelers Wife and am not sure what the other one'll have to let me know how they are. Glad you got out, Ava is such a cutie. Aubree is not the social type I guess, she just likes to cry anytime we are out lately :(

  2. Yay for getting out!!! It felt wonderful, didn't it?