Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day Forty-One

Cabin Fever and a Real Fever...

It snowed all day again today and I think we are all starting to go a little crazy.  Ava and I have not left the house since last Thursday.  We have not been able to get out and get Valentines Day cards or gifts which I just realized today. 

My post today won't be long because on top of the cabin fever we are all coming down with Ava is cutting molars and running a real fever.  She handles it all really well and is not really acting sick.  She is in pain and you can tell but it's not slowing her down.  She does like to sit on my lap a lot more which means I don't have much time to type.  She is sitting on Daddy's lap right now :)

Here are a few lack luster photos of more ice and snow.  I mean really this is getting so old and I have lost any form of inspiration I did have because it's so windy we can't even go outside. I tried to give them a cold depressing feel and not a pretty wintery feel.  I wanted them to capture how bitter cold it is outside as well as how gloomy it is being stuck behind closed doors.



On a brighter note Ava is adding to her vocabulary by the day now.  Just this week she has added apple, hot, and brobee (stuffed animal/figure from yo gabba gabba).  My favorite is still happy but I think hers is doggy.


  1. Yup, pretty much how I feel too. You did a great job of capturing the mood!

  2. Haha, thanks...I think I will have to try to get out of here today. It's been too long.

  3. I think they are awesome. You really have a knack for taking beautiful pictures.

  4. Thanks Chelsea (insert blushing smiley here) :)