Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Forty

Views from the inside...

So it's currently day five of being shut in because of snow.  We are actually awaiting the beginning of the next snow storm which was supposed to appear anytime after 2pm.  We are looking at a possible foot of snow but I think everyone is hoping for less. 

I did not end up baking today because I got my cooking fix making a big pot of vegetable beef soup from scratch.  We had leftover roast and corn so I added that with some more veggies and seasonings.  It smells yummy and has been cooking away since before lunch time.  I got my chocolate fix by having a big ole cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows while Ava took her nap.  Our days have been pretty boring seeing as we haven't had much to do but I did get a good amount of laundry done.  That's a never ending battle that I absolutely hate.

Today I bring you a little glimpse of what it looks like being shut in on a snow day.




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  1. Awesome pics as always! You have such a talent, Amanda. Experimenting with macro this week? ;) I love the cocoa one.