Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day Fifty-Nine

Bathroom Extras...

Today we made a run out to BabiesRUs to get a few needed and soon to be needed bathroom accessories.  Ava has taken a liking to the stand up shower which I don't mind but she likes to march around and the floor is slippery.  So the solution is a shower mat and here is the little miss trying it out.  She had to get in right away...I barely had enough time to remove her socks.

She approved and had a much safer shower tonight so score for that.

Let's see....we also have started to notice that missy wakes up dry every morning and is wet within ten minutes of being up.  So we got her a potty chair so I can start putting her on it in the mornings.  I don't plan to rush her and my real goal is to start potty training at 18 months.  However since she is waking up dry I am going to see how things go.  We also got her an extra for Nana's house since Nan already mentioned needing one soon.  I can't believe how fast they grow up.  A part of me will be sad to not have to change her diapers any more...well, when that time comes.  

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  1. Nice potty choice. We have this one in green and the low BB potty in red and I love them both!