Monday, March 1, 2010

Day Sixty


It's ironic that the snow days we had, have caused people to now crunch to make up for the lost time.  To work twice as fast to fit it all in.  It's ironic that because of the snow days I find myself longing for another snow day.  I would love a snow day to lay under the blankets and watch a few movies and enjoy my beautiful daughter and her amazing father.  My family!!! 

So it's kind of like craving chocolate on a chocolate free diet.  You find a bunch of fake chocolate products and with each bite are disappointed that it doesn't taste like chocolate however you take another bite because maybe, just maybe, the next bite will.  Ok, well maybe if you have never been on a chocolate free diet then you might not be able to relate but let me just tell SUCKS!!!

So tonight my craving was not food related but weather related.  I figured that maybe if I looked into the fire long enough it might make it snow.  Ok, well I didn't really think that would work but I figured maybe I could convince myself it was snowing.  It did not really work out that well and neither did my shots.  In typical Monday fashion my battery died before I could get my settings completely worked out.  The shots aren't bad they just aren't what I was going for.'s Monday...what else is there to say.

Now I am off to grab a square or two of TJ's dark chocolate because thanks to my post I am craving chocolate too.

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