Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Thirty- Four...a bonus post.

Look closely..

Today I set out with my camera to find pictures of small objects.  I feel like we all tend to forget to see those small things.  That's the wonderful part about having a small child around.  I now find myself on the floor, on her level, seeing my world from a new perspective.

This next set of photos is one of those sets that shows you to look at the whole thing to see the real story.  Like I had said before I set out with the intent of photographing the small things.  So here is a set that I took of cheerios earlier today.  Watch the true story unfold...

Yup that's right I have a climber.  She loves to climb anything and everything.  She was watching cartoons but saw me on the other side of the table and instead of coming around she came over.  That was my last picture because the little stinker grabbed up all of the cheerios and ate them.

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  1. I was waiting for the eating picture :) I'm very happy that Lu isn't climbing. Now that I've said that, she's going to start...