Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Thirty-Four

The little things...

Today in my anatomy of movement class we did postural assessments.  I will have to do ten postural assessments as a project for this class.  Any takers???  You know you want to.

Today it was my turn to have one done on me and some of the observations I was aware of but others I was not.  During a session last week when my classmate was palpated my spinal column it was discovered that I have two vertebrates that are misaligned (a chiropractic visit would be awesome).  During the postural analysis they found that my upper body is slightly twisted to the left and higher on the right side.  My lower body was aligned correctly so it seems that I could really use an alignment (and no, not the kind for my car).

In case you're wondering, yes I am still in the massage program and no, I didn't switch to a chiropractic program.  You see massage therapist's will use postural analysis' to find out what their clients body is doing.  It tells them what muscles are lengthened and which are shortened.  It really helps you determine the areas of your clients body that need work.    

It's funny that we would do the postural analysis the very day after I just posted about my posture.  I now have a few more clues as to what my body needs to get back to where it should be.  To re-find it's center because right now that center is thrown forward and to the left.  Sometimes I find that in order to understand the big picture you have to look at the smaller objects within it.  So with that I bring you pictures of a very small object that is currently sitting on the mantel.  It really belongs on top of a bird house but it got knocked off.  This little guy is approximately two inches long and maybe an inch high.  Isn't he beautiful!

I took two sets of pictures today of two different subjects.  My initial intent was to post them both in the same post but I feel they each deserve there own.  I will return shortly with a second post.  A BONUS!!!


  1. Crazy about your posture! Chiropractors totally scare me though :)

    that little guy is so cute!

  2. I been going to Chirocpractor since my accident and they found that I have "C" curve in my lower back and that my pelvic bone one side is higher then the other. I'm been doing excerise to work on my posture.