Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Thirty-Three

Little Toys...

There is something magical about toys that intrigues me and begs to be photographed.  It might be the bright colors, the odd shapes and characters, or maybe they invoke that lost imaginary world that we all grow out of.  That world that we all use to run to and hide in, where magic was real, and the possibilities were endless.  Toys represent childhood and the ability to be carefree.  A time before you were told to stand a certain way, dress a certain way, walk a certain way, sit a certain way, and told which mold was yours to conform to. 

Something I am learning through my massage class is that I am my body's worst enemy.  I breath wrong, I stand wrong, I tighten muscles that should be loose and loosen muscles that should be tight.  Where and when did I start breathing in my shoulders and not my belly.  Is it because at a certain age we are told as girls to not poke out our stomachs because it's unattractive.  Why is it that I sprained my ankle back when I was fifteen but yet I still walk like I have a cast on.  Not when I walk fast but when I walk slowly I don't move my ankle because somewhere it became ingrained that I should walk that way.  I have horrible posture and slouch more often than not.  I NEVER use to slouch.  I watch Ava walk and think to myself when and where did it all start to be one large bad habit. Feel your own body and your aches and think about why exactly they ache.  What is it that you are doing that is causing you pain because guess what, shocker, it's you doing it.  Why do you do it?  When did it start?  How can you correct it?  The funny thing about it all is that now you are aware that you do it and will notice when you are doing it.  The great thing about that is that it will then start to annoy you and we all know that the only bad habits we ever change are the ones that annoy us. 

Now to go back to before you learned bad habits and just were.

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