Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day One Hundred and Forty

A day at the park...

Well, it had been a somewhat dreary week and Friday was actually nice so it was off to the park for Ava and I.  We went first to the Amish market and got yummy strawberries, zucchini, and peach jam.  I really wish I had gotten a photo of the strawberries.  They were such a deep red all the way thru and were so sweet.  Ava LOVED them.

When we got to the park I was disappointed to find the equipment was too hot.  Ava ran to the swing which is black.  I mean really, whose design idea was that, can't we have a lighter color rubber?  Ava did not understand that it was hot so I had her touch it and she said "hot" and then pushed the swing in defiance.  I mean how dare that swing be hot right.  So she proceeded to walk her way to the equipment and I helped her climb the slide but then she turned to sit to come down it and said "hot" and smacked the slide.  Again, how dare it be hot.  Poor thing just couldn't figure out why it was all hot but being a kid she found fun in climbing and walking all of the steps so I sat back and taped her.  I believe at one point she even says "hot" because even the rails were hot.

Needless to say we didn't hang around long.  We went back to the car for a drink and I tested to see if she would be okay with leaving by asking if she wanted to get in.  She must have been over the hot park because she was actually ok with going.  That doesn't happen often; not after such a short visit.  We came home and she got a lunch of chicken nuggets, green beans, and an enormous amount of strawberries.

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