Monday, June 28, 2010

Day One Hundred and Seventy-Eight

Ava in Motion...

Some of these are blurry but I don't care.  They show how much fun we were having blur or no blur.

Doing her swagger walk

She'll climb anything she can get her feet on

Running to hide from me

Throwing the ball

Not even sure what this was about

Getting up after throwing herself on the ground

Crawling after me

Again no clue but it was funny


Taking a break

Scooting on her butt

Running after me...look at that face

laying on the floor again...she really likes laying and laughing

Look Mom no feet :)

Silly girl thinks I'm hilarious

I got her belly ;)

Such a pretty little girl <3


Looking at her Aunt Katie under the table

Running on her that was hilarious

Then she fell...equally as hilarious

Walking on her knees again

Stretching and screaming

To think this all starting because I saw her ducking behind the side of the couch and I said boo.

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