Saturday, July 16, 2011

My poor baby...

She woke up this morning and said "my eye hurts".  It was all swollen and red so I took her to the doctor and she has a blepharitis or eyelid infection.  The doctor said she probably was rubbing her eyes and dirt or bacteria got into the eyelid through the eyelashes.  He sent us home with some fun instructions and said there is no quick fix. 

So here is what we have to do twice a day:

1.  Scrub around the eyelashes with diluted baby shampoo on a cotton swab.
2.  Warm compress
3.  Eye ointment to be put in the lower lid as a precaution to keep any possible infection from spreading to the eye.

Seriously not the easiest when dealing with a 2.5...almost 3 year old. 

She was a little trooper at the doctors and we got her lastest measurements :)

Height-39inches Weight- 28.8Ibs

A closer look at the eye...had to hold her head still to get it.

 Looking defeated after our first "battle"
 A Popsicle to make amends

It's good to see it's not slowing her down.

Now I've gotta run and start slicing up my peaches for my peach crisp.

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