Friday, July 15, 2011

Summertime Sweets

Yesterday we went to the Amish Market and got some yummy treats including fresh peaches.  When we got home I sliced one up for Ava to eat.  I'm thinking of using some to make a peach cobbler or something similar tomorrow....I just haven't decided just what yet.

Peaches were one of the fruits I loved to make when I was making Ava's baby food.  In fact that's when I learned that there were two types of peaches.  I preferred making the white peaches because the pits came out easier and the color was more of a peach color when done and not orange.

Baby food making flashbacks including chubby Ava pictures

here are some Amish strawberries turned into yummy baby goodness.

I miss making baby was so much fun.  My baby never had a drop of formula and only had a handful of jars of the store bought baby food...the downside of Mommy getting sick with a low supply of homemade baby food.

now back to Ava's peach...she loved it.

 Her fingernails have since been cleaned and do they grow so fast.

Have a happy weekend...hopefully filled with good weather, sunshine, and smiles.

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