Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kalencom Potette Plus...this Mom's review

Back in July in a pre-vacation post I promised to come back after vacation and give a review of the travel potty I had bought for our trip.  Well I guess this is after vacation but it's not quite as soon as I had hoped.  Guess I kind of forgot or just simply didn't get to it but here you review. 

I purchased the Kalencom Potette Plus from amazon right before our vacation because I was looking for something that could be used in the car (we were traveling back country roads with no where for stopping) and could be tucked in a bookbag for hiking, train rides, etc.  Well let's just say this little potty MORE than delivered.  Ava loves using it in the car and it's small size makes it fit easily and discretely on the backseat and then can fold back up for easy storage.  I have read other reviews that said the seat was too small but it seems my almost three year old should be able to use this for some time to come.  I like that I can stash it in a small tote and take it everywhere with us. 

Now I had also packed Ava's regular potty seat to be used in our vacation cabin.  It's a pretty standard seat that fits onto a larger toilet to well make the hole smaller so little butts don't fall in.  The problem though is that it doesn't fit well on elongated toilets without slipping around and not feeling sturdy.  Low and behold our cabin had elongated toilets and the dora seat wouldn't work.  So I ran down to the car and got the Kalencom Potette Plus or yelllow potty as Ava calls it.  It can be laid flat and fits snugly on larger toilets.  The gray rubber on the bottom of the legs keeps the seat from sliding and the legs also double as handles for the child to hold onto.  They are nice and thick too so that your child can hold onto them without touching a gross public toilet seat. 

Now my almost three year old has been potty trained for about a year now but hates public toilets.   In the last month she has used a handful of public toilets as long as she has her trusty potette plus.  In makes her feel safe and it works everywhere.  I could not have been happier with this travel potty.  We have used it everywhere and anywhere.  If I were to go back and start potty training over I would purchase this toilet seat only and none of the others.  I recommend it to all parents who are potty training or will be potty training soon. 

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