Thursday, October 13, 2011

So far this fall...

Let's see...oh, first how are we already so far into fall?  Wasn't yesterday summer, as in July?  Where does the time go?

Of course Fall means Ava's birthday planning and party and that is pretty much what we have been doing this week.  Pre-folding and tying tissue paper pom poms, making and dying fondant, preparing favors, piecing together her birthday outfit, etc, etc, etc.  Tomorrow is cake day...bake, trim, ice, cover, decorate.  Although October means Ava's birthday and it's crunch time we have actually done a few other things.

Apple picking despite us all having pretty crappy colds.  It was worth it 100% and it's tradition.  This place was pretty amazing and went off an honor system.  You picked the apples and bagged them and left your money in a slot.  They gave you pricing based on how much you picked.  We gave a little extra because we thought it was so cool.  So much better than standing in long lines to pay at overcrowded orchards.

 Cleaned and ready to devour.
 I made some dip that night.
 Ava and I also made apple dumplings.  In fact to my surprise after showing her how to assemble one she was able to do the rest herself.  Here she is counting her bounty.
 Baked and bubbly
 Served best with ice cream right out of the oven.

 A trip to Nan's...We got there while she was at the doctors and little miss immediately helped herself to some cookies.
 Who stole the cookie from Nana's cookie jar...Ava Rose that's who
 Ava's must have sparkly shoes.  No average maryjanes for my girl...she had to had the silver sparkly ones.
 A few days later they laid the Pop's plaque.  It's been long awaited and Nan called and asked if I'd bring my camera and take her over. I stopped and picked up some pretty fall flowers to put in the vase.  No more dollar store plastic ones...Pop now has a beautiful brass vase. 
 I love this picture...I took it last November on Nan and Pop's 60th anniversary.  I can't believe it's been almost a year now.  I was so stressed that night because I was trying to get pictures of all the Grandkids and Great grandkids for Nan and Pop's Christmas gift.  Had I only known to enjoy the day and let the fact that people were late and the sun was setting go.  Turned out we got the pictures and Nan and Pop loved it (Check out the photos here and them opening their present Christmas morning here).
 I love this...Ava is one lucky little girl.
 Here I am being yelled at because Ava did not want her picture taken.
 I took Nan over to the beautiful mansion that backs up to the cemetery but it wasn't open.  I need to call and find out why since it was supposed to be.
 These things were all over the clue what they were.
 The back door.  We wanted to see up close the side of the house we see when we visit Pop.  In the spring there were peacocks all over these steps.  (See the peacocks here)
 Ava and I baking Aunt Bev's birthday cake...She is wearing my Great Aunts apron.  So that would be her great-great-Aunt Viola...pretty cool.

 Oh and yes she is still is jammies with bed head.  We had a long day of baking ahead of us and she was sure to get covered in powdered sugar anyways.
 The cake pops...didn't finish those until 10pm because Aunt Bev paid us a visit and I had to hide everything since her party was a surprise.  Of course Ava still told her we baked her a chocolate cake...good thing at almost three she isn't taken too serious. 
 The cake all covered and ready.
 The table is for the guest of honor to arrive.
 A little music

 Time for cake
 Ava of course wanted to help blow out the candles.

 Oh and this wasn't supposed to be in the album but since it's here...all the tissue paper pom poms folded and waiting for party set up.

Ahhh well now I feel like I've caught up before the party.  There will be a ton of photos being taken this weekend for sure.  I can't believe my little baby is only two for one more bittersweet.

Well that's all for now because it's late, I'm tired, I just realized I still haven't had dinner, and the office comes on in a half hour.  See you soon with Ava birthday goodness.

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