Friday, October 21, 2011

My baby girl turned 3

This year was the most exciting birthday yet.  Why, well because Ava was totally all about her birthday this year.  Since September we have been hearing "my birthday is coming".  I finally broke down a few weeks before her birthday and made her a birthday countdown calendar so she could actually see when her birthday was.  Still every morning without fail, "guess birthday is coming".  I love her enthusiasm.

I still need to shoot her three year photos but decided to wait till after her birthday so she would have some clothes that fit :)  Now, let's take a look back at my little Ava's first 3 years.

Brand new

Getting Bigger

About 6 mths

A bit bigger

and bigger

and she is a squeeshy smiley one


How quickly she sprouted

and in a blink she was two

and how quickly that two

becomes a very soon to be three

and now for just under a week my little girl has been three.  So much seems to change at three.  Her personality is without a doubt uniquely hers.  She can no longer be fooled by Mommy trickery and is able to negotiate and win most discussions. 

On her birthday we had cupcakes and pizza (her newest fav...she hated it for forever) and opened a few gifts.

Our annual birthtime photo taken at 8:11pm on her birthday.  Me for the second year in a row looking quite the sight after a day of baking and party prep.
 Listening to us sing to her...she loves this part.

 She had to test out the new teaset

and then the next day...the PARTY!!!!
The birthday girl
 The decor

 the favors
 My bow...I was so happy when it set up and didn't break

 more handmade :) decor

 Munching on cheese before her guests arrived.
 her balloons...that's a three on's just turned the wrong way
 time for presents

 she couldn't wait for people to sing to her and to blow out candles.
 The cake was so tall she had to stand to reach the candles.

 It was great to see her play with all of her cousins. 

 She had an amazing day

It was a beautiful day...we couldn't have asked for a better day for our little princess.

Thanks to everyone who helped make her day so wonderful.  She is one blessed little girl and I couldn't be more thankful to our family and friends for all the birthday love she received.  (For her one craptastic Grandparent (r.d) who fails to take part in her really are missing out)  I can't wait to see what new lessons and excitement each day of year three brings.  Tomorrow we are heading out early to get sure to be tons of fun.  Till next time :)

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