Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy & Sick Day = Raining Rainbow's

We skipped gymnastics today and due to the obnoxious amount of rain we were also stuck inside.  No outdoor playtime today :(  I headed on over to pinterest and looked at my rainy day activities board and picked something to do.  The first thing I found was raining rainbows which just seemed perfect for today.  It's pinned from the Crafty Crow blog and she had a nice rectangular glass vase but we had to make due with a standard vase.  Still Ava really enjoyed it and it brought some laughter and smiles to an otherwise dreary day.

The supplies: glass container filled with water, shaving cream, and food coloring with water.
 Mix some food coloring with water.  I used this small muffin pan.
 Once they are all mixed it looked like this.  The back is actually blue and purple but for some reason they look the same here.
 We didn't have shave foam so I put some gel in this little bowl.
 Then I let Ava mix it with her finger to make it more foamy.  She liked this part.
 Then we scooped it onto the top of the water.  I spread it around to make sure there were no spaces.
 Then I gave Ava the medicine dropper (you can use a spoon if you don't have one) and let her get to work.

 and it's raining a rainbow!!!!

 Eventually the water gets a bit murky and the colors aren't so vivid.  This was after about five minutes of adding colors.
 Ava liked the way the top of the shaving cream looked.

After this we moved onto mini volcanoes.  I have about half of those photos uploaded so I'll be back later with a post on that.  

Speaking of rainbows though.  Ava was having a rough afternoon.  She is at that stage of her cold when everything is draining and she is pretty much over the whole cold thing in general.  She keeps asking to just feel better which makes me feel awful.  I have tried to explain that in a few days she will feel better but let's face it to a three year old that is a lifetime.  She is doing better but it's a slow progress.  So she was having a fussy moment of exhaustion where she was just miserable.  I offered to use her face crayons that we have leftover from halloween to draw her a cat face, hearts, something to brighten her mood.  Sometimes I draw a rainbow on her belly and tell her she has carebear powers :)  Well wouldn't you know today she asked if she could draw on my belly too.  So I appeased her.......I mean you can't tell a pitiful sick child no.  You just can't.

So here she is making rainbows on my belly :)

I also now have a cat face, an octopus on my forehead, and a portrait of myself on my forehead.  It's somewhat itchy and kind of annoying but I'm afraid to attempt to wipe it off.  I'm afraid I will break my little Picasso's heart. 

Ok now I have to run and get dinner out of the oven.  I hope you enjoy this little bit of our day and if you have a little one at home I encourage you to give the raining rainbow a try on the next rainy day.

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