Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sick days

A cold has been circling thru the house and hit Ava a few days ago.  Poor thing has had so many things going on lately to make her not feel well.  She hasn't gotten much sleep and showers have become a twice daily routine to try to help her find some comfort.  Tomorrow I'm thinking we will be skipping gymnastics which sucks because she loves it so much but it's for the best.

I know we have been lucky with Ava as far as colds go.  She had one stomach virus and has had two colds...this being her second.  I've learned how to handle the eczema, allergies, and sleep issues but colds are a new ballgame.  Sunday was Ava's worse day by far because she just slept and slept and just wanted to lay in bed.  Yesterday and today were pretty nice weather wise so I did get her outside to get some fresh air.  I knew getting her outside would help her feel better as long as she didn't overdue it.

After messing with my camera settings a bit.  Something has been off on the coloring of my SOOC images even though I know my settings were right.  I figured it out and took my camera out with us so I could take some pictures of her.

I took these after I got my camera working right.  She is in a phase where she likes me to take random photos of her and she has to look at each one before I can take another.  I was taking pictures of my Dad today and she was instructing him to smile and then making me show her each one.  Ahhh my little photag in the making.

Then we went outside so she could ride her bike, gather rocks for a later activity, slide, and spread some more corn for the deer.

We got her a big girl bike last week because she majorly outgrew her tricycle over the last few months and with warmer days approaching she was in need of an upgrade.  We are trying to get her to master the idea of a break and once it's a bit warmer we will have to take those training wheels off and see how she does.

 Matching bell
 Ahhh those darn runny noses.

 Gathering her rocks

 Playing on the slide

 The trees are starting to bud.

 Our rock collection
 Cleaning them
 This is what the rocks are for.  Aaron got this for Ava and I for Valentines Day.  I love how well he knows us.  We get to do it together and it will be around for longer than just a week.  Love it!!!!
 Our clean-ish rocks
 This stuff was so cool.  We added water to it and it just kept expanding. 


 She got to mix it with her hands which was messy so of course it was fun.
 Then she scooped the dirt into the pot

 We added the bulbs.  Don't they look like weird onions?!?!
 Added more dirt

 Then our rocks
 and found it a home
 We had extra so we added some much needed soil to our neglected aloe plant.
 much better
 Then in true Ava style she put on a show for me.

 blurry Ava.

I need to get out to the craft store for supplies to finish my DIY BB blocks but it will have to wait until Ava is a bit better.  Then I promise to have a blog post about them.

For now that's about all that's going on with us.  Now I have to run because my little sicky wants to play.

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