Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Fourty-Nine

Look Familiar...

I am exhausted but we went to blockbuster again so I shot a photo that probably looks semi-familiar.  We go to blockbuster a lot so who knows this may become a "thing" on here.  This is the picture of the day.

Last week I posted this post about three other movies.  Just for fun I'll do a quick movie review of them before I watch cold souls tonight.

The Couples Retreat- Funny, but not as funny as Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  It had some really funny parts mixed in with a semi-serious story line.  I did find it hard to believe that all of the characters really would have been friends.

The Time Travelers Wife-  This was a good movie and the story is very different than most time traveling stories.  This showed more of the dark side of time traveling.  I would recommend reading the book first because the movie left out a lot of really important parts.

A Serious Man- Another black comedy from the Coen brothers.  This was a decent movie.  I like to watch movies sometimes that you really can't predict.  I will say this though, the ending sucked.  It seriously just stopped and that was disappointing.

Ok off to watch another movie :)


  1. Sounds like fun. Mike and I watched Love Happens last night and it was pretty good.

  2. You know Chelsea we had and then we go through movie slumps where we don't like anything out so we'll think it's not worth it. Maybe I should do a trial or something. Do you have it/like it?

    Amanda- I think we may get that one next time.