Friday, July 2, 2010


So remember yesterday when I said I would be kicking myself for not charging my battery?  Well, it's time to commence kicking because I just plugged the battery into the charger.  I don't know where the day has gone.  It seems like only an hour ago that Ava and I were at the local Amish market buying up their fresh yummy produce.  Now she is in her high chair eating her dinner.

Speaking of dinner.  It is just Ava and I here right now so I was able to cook a really healthy meal without having to worry about picky eaters.  I started by sauteing some of the zuchinni and summer squash we got today.  I just diced in up and threw it in the pan with some olive oil and lightly seasoned it.  Then boiled up and tossed in some gluten free brown rice pasta penne.  I added some chicken and cheese to Avas and some fresh diced tomato to mine.  Yum Yum!  She is still digging in to hers :)

Now I am hoping my battery will charge up enough that we can venture back outside again for a while and I can find something to capture.

These last few days have been absolutely heavenly.  Ava and I were able to spend almost everyday outside.  Now the temperature is going to head back up to ridiculous again.  In fact the a/c is still off and I am going to miss sitting inside and having fresh air blowing through and the sound of birds chirping all day.  I should probably turn the a/c on now since the thermostat is reading 80 but I just don't feel like shutting the windows.

Tomorrow I need to get up and hit the stores in the morning.  I need to get the stuff to make some sangria and Ava needs some more pull ups.  Then the rest of our weekend will be spent doing nothing.  How great is that?  I think this is the first weekend in a month that we didn't make plans.  Don't get me wrong...I am all for a great fourth of July picnic and fireworks but I am against the traffic.

Well, looks like my tiny little slow eater is almost done eating so I need to run and clean up the kitchen so her and I can venture outside for a while.

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