Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We took Ava to Cobb Island to trick or treat with her cousin Juli.  She had a blast and loved getting "treats".  She held onto her pumpkin so tight and wouldn't let anyone else carry it or even get near it.  In fact half way through it got so heavy she dropped it and I had to scoop up candy from the street.  It was a good opportunity to unload half into the bag in the wagon to lighten her load a little.

I wasn't really sure what to expect since we didn't go out last year.  She wasn't walking yet so we stayed home and handed out candy instead.  This year our candy was placed in a bowl on the porch with a please share sign.  Luckily we have a small neighborhood so I think it worked ok.  Aaron stayed home since he had to go into work that night.  He slept for a while then got up and refilled the porch bowl and waited for us to return.  I really wish he could have come and know he was upset about it.  He hates missing anything his little girl does.  She is lucky to have such an attentive Daddy.  In fact we have been talking about ideas for how we will all dress up next year :)

Here are some of the pictures from this year.  I let Ava stay in her jammies all day until costume time.  She hates getting dressed and undressed so I figured the less I "tortured" her the better.  In fact she didn't even take a nap which makes her great mood that night even more of a wonder.  I really really thought that was recipe for a meltdown.

Here is my little pirate demanding that everyone come and sit down and see the cat.
I'm pretty sure Panda was enjoying all the attention a toddler demanded be given.
She even decided to entertain us with a trick.
Hey, rolling on your back is tough work.
Ok, that's enough!...shortly after this she retired to her chair for the evening.
We took our pumpkin's with us and added them to the porch.

My pirate was getting impatient as she saw other kids walking past.
So independent...
We had a wagon but she didn't want to get in it.  I think she was afraid that if she sat she wouldn't get to keep going up to the doors.  I finally convinced her to let me carry her because her little legs can only go so fast and we had a lot of ground to cover.
Kate blinding Juli with the mega flash.
This house was really cool.  They had music blasting and really went all out.
Awww, someone was getting the evil look.  Someone must have asked for some of her treats.

That's all that turned out from the big camera.  Here are a few blurry phone pics of her pulling me down the driveway and onto the street.

 This one was after as we sat on the floor trying out a few treats.

 Here is a video of her ignoring me and trying to get to her candy that I had moved.

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